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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hell's Faire By John Ringo

Rousing, non-stop adrenaline inducing action characterizes this entire series. Ringo’s stories are “in the trenches” military scifi. He paints vivid, dynamic, larger than life characters and surrounds them with believable associates. Reading about Ringo, he appears to think he is a cynic but from his stories you can tell the man is a pragmatic optimist. His characters exhibit the highest moral values and the most human desires. Whether is a child turned into a teenage assassin or a father who thinks he has sacrificed his daughter for the greater good, the characters are likeable and genuine. As an aside, we begin to get hints that the villains of the series may not be responsible for the actions. We also see a closure of the action that seemed entirely too abrupt with too many loose ends. I have since started “The Hero” which takes place sometime long after the end of this book and it ties some of the ends that I had hoped to see tied. I truly enjoy the stories, the sacrifices and the nobility of the characters. I recommend the book. If you can’t find it in print, go to Baen and download it.

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