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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mother’s Day Flowers

Recently we moved my 94 year old mother to my brother’s home. She fell a couple of times last fall and no longer felt secure living on her own. Moving her stuff evoked a lot of past memories. The rocking chair in which I would squeeze in beside her while she peeled apples we shared seemed so small. Even at her current diminutive size, there is no way she or anyone else would be able to squeeze into that chair with me. The table, hand made by my Dad, that was in the corner by the window even after it moved from her home of 40 plus years to her apartment of 10 years ended up in my bedroom. The “blood” lamp sits on the table just as it did in her home. The “blood” lamp so named because a grateful store owner gave it to my Mother after she donated her rare blood to save his daughters life sometime in the 1940s. Mother was not upset about losing her “stuff” because it was going to good homes. Sons, daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren received the benefit of her largesse. That is hardly surprising, she is our Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother and that is what they do. They give, that is how they were raised to give to their families.

Mother’s day is one of the official times we should make sure we give back to our Mothers. Forget about what they say when they tell you don’t go to any trouble or it’s nothing special. It is and it should be. Check out the Mother's Day Flowers at . They have beautiful arrangements for Mother’s Day that are sure to put a smile on any Mother’s face. Try and be there when she gets those Mother's Day Flowers, it will put a smile on your face too. Happy Mother’s Day!

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