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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Promise Me By Harlan Coben

I like the hard nose private eye genre. Myron Bolitar isn’t the typical gumshoe. He is too open with his feelings and too insecure in his motivation to be the typical hard nose PI. I like that, it makes him much more believable. In this story Myron sticks his neck out for a couple of teenagers and discovers that is a perilous choice. Having worked with teens, I found a great deal of accuracy in the portrayal of teen behavior. Living in a small town, I also saw distinctly accurate portrayal of small town politics. A good story about risking a great deal in trying to do what you feel is right regardless of what others think you should be doing. Once again the ancillary cast of the story is highly entertaining. I really enjoy this series from Coben and recommend it.

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bookinn said...

I love Cobens books! I read this one and it was really good. Nice blog you got!