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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sell Your Used Books!

I belong to multiple book blog sites. One of the most common discussions is what to do with books after you have read them. Many people swap their used books; some people donate them and others (gasp) just pitch them. In this economy it may help you to find a place where you can sell used books.

To those of you who are horrified to just consider divesting yourself of your used books read on. When you sell used books online you can free up shelf space to provide a home for new books you haven’t read yet. Selling those used books also provides some of the wherewithal to purchase the new books. Again, the crying and gnashing of teeth isn’t necessary when you consider the benefits of selling your used books. Keeping used books in circulation also is a very green action. The more times a book is read, the fewer trees needed to print a new one. So you can earn money and protect the environment when you sell back books.

The site Sell Back Your Book provides the vehicle necessary to achieve the laudable goal of selling used books. First they make it easy. They have a small window where you input the ISBN numbers (International Standard Book Number) of the books you want to sell. The ISBN number is usually on the back cover or on the flyleaf of the book. They immediately tell you whether they are currently buying that book and what price they will give you, quick and easy. All you have to do is carefully wrap the book and send it to them. That too, is easily done and it is FREE. You do not pay the shipping! The price they quote for your book is what you will actually get, no hidden fees. They even provide free prepaid shipping labels you can print on your own printer.

Considering the time of the year, many financially strapped students are coming home from college and the job market is really tough. The Sell Back Your Book site also buys textbooks. The ability to recoup some of the cash spent on those outrageously priced text books should be very appealing to both the student and parent.

So if you house is sagging with all those books you have finished reading or your backpack is overflowing with unwanted textbooks and the idea of earning a few bucks is appealing, you may want to check out the Sell Back Your Book site.


Book Calendar said...

This actually might be useful to our Friends of the Library Group for Our Booksale Remainders.

Webster Twelb said...

This is a great idea. I wish we have this over in the philippines. Unfortunately not a lot of people read over here.

robert said...
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