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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Like To Whine by William G. Bentrim

This is not your normal review since I am totally biased. This is not the first story I have written but it is the first I have gotten into main stream print. It is for sale at Amazon.

I recently read a self described rant in the author discussion area at This author was miffed because he was expected to appear at a book signing with other authors, some of whom were self published. This particular author felt that only authors who have established a relationship with a “known” publishing house should have the right to consider themselves authors. He worked too hard to be lumped in with a bunch of neophytes.

When I started my computer business in 1981, the local newspaper wrote a nice article on a young entrepreneur and his fledgling business. Later that week there was a letter to the editor demanding to know by what right did I consider myself a computer expert. The letter’s author claimed to have been in computers for years (in 1981?). It was outrageous that the newspaper should provide coverage on a neophyte. When I sold my successful computer business 25 years later, I wondered if the outraged letter writer would question my expertise after 25 years of experience or still feel outrage.

My point is that there are many paths to personal success and what a dismal and boring world it would be if there was only a single path that all must follow. I love the printed word and surround myself with literature of all kinds. I have always wanted to get published and now I have. Perhaps to the disgruntled “real” author I don’t deserve to consider myself an author. Perhaps he should take a look at the title of my book and do a little self evaluation. However when a 7 year old girl came up to me and told me she loved my book I, at that point, considered myself an author.

There are many paths and we each need to choose our own.

My book deals with whining. It suggests some methods that a parent may use to curb that annoying behavior. I would be honored if you purchase it and even more so if it helped a parent to develop a better relationship with their child.

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