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Friday, March 12, 2010

Beautiful Dead, Jonas Book 1 by Eden Maguire

Jonas Book 1 of the Beautiful Dead by Eden Maguire

Four inexplicable deaths in one high school sets the scene for this novel. Darina has lost Phoenix, the love of her young life. She stumbles upon Phoenix and other newly dead and discovers their secret need for redemption and closure.

This is not a stumbling, drooling zombie story. Ms. Maguire put the least offensive face on zombies I have ever encountered. The angst of a teen losing her love was portrayed with empathy and passion. She made a surprisingly believable pack of zombies. I thought her solution to past evil was realistic even if it would have been illegal and probably immoral. The book is the first in a series. I think it will be a huge hit with teen girls and teen guys who aren’t afraid of reading a book about love.

I recommend the book.

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