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Friday, January 8, 2010

Dies The Fire by S. M. Stiriling

Mike Havel thought his life was over when the all the gauges and engines stopped on his two engine puddle jumper. Little did he know that is was merely the beginning of a post apocalypse saga. The world has changed and those in it must adapt. Some turn to good and the others to evil. This story documents the rise of three distinct new world societies, led by one who fantasizes his role as the evil overlord, one who carries her Wiccan principles into the new age and one who is thrust into the role of warlord.

Stirling does master character development. You learn to love or hate his characterizations. He pains a grimly real portrayal of what desperation can drive otherwise normal people into doing. He also shows the fine line between civilization as we know it and chaos. This has an excellent story line with clear plot development that doesn’t telegraph the next move. Stirling frequently portrays the dark side of humanity and forces you to ponder uncomfortable scenarios.

I recommend the book.

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