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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gideon's Sword by Douglas Peston & Lincoln Child

Gideon Crew faces trauma early in his life. The events surrounding his father have long lasting impact. As an adult, Gideon blithely establishes a relationship with a government contractor to find a Chinese national with a potential game changing secret. Gideon discovers depths to his personality he never suspected as he faces both a hideous personal secret and an unrelenting nemesis.

Preston and Child have wide ranging talents. They do create some memorable characters. Agent Pendergast couldn’t be more different than Gideon Crew.   To get a mere glimpse into their work look at my reviews, Fever Dream, Deep Storm and Riptide.  The book will fuel any action junkie’s desires and yet it still provides a thought provoking plot. Gideon Crew will be a fun character to watch in future Preston and Child books.   I truly love ARCs

I recommend the book.

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