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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beach City Indigo by Ruth Francisco

This is literature that has gone to the dogs. Oddly enough that is a good thing. This is a cute story about land development running amuck, political chicanery and man’s best friend. Find out what happens when a crooked politician runs into a stout hearted dog.

Ms. Francisco portrays dog and man living in harmony until disrupted by cruelty and greed. Although it had shades of Cruella De Vil meets Lady and the Tramp, Ms. Francisco creates her own solid but quirky characters. Kids will enjoy this as well as the die hard dog lovers. The story shows how cooperation and good will can overcome greed and avarice. Colorful and entertaining, I can only hope this gets published on paper as well as the Kindle. Kids will enjoy curling up with it.
I recommend the book.

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