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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sexaholics by Pynk

Hmm, commenting on this book is difficult. I perceive myself as open minded as the next person but I didn’t find a whole lot about this book to recommend. It details and I mean details the sex life of four sexaholics. It purports to deal with a serious topic (look at the world famous golfer or southern governor). The brief forward, author’s notes and dictionary seem designed to seduce you into thinking the book is of a research or study type of book. Near as I could see the book was simply erotic writing for eroticism’s sake.

In spite of the fact that this is supposed to be a study of four addictive personalities, I didn’t think the character development was adequate. The focus was on sexual exploits. Frankly I didn’t find them steamy as described on the cover. Tedious may best describe how I found the stories. Norah Roberts or Sandra Brown write far sexier or titillating prose. I am sure that someone will find this book exciting and a good read, sadly I didn’t.

I don’t recommend the book.

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