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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Little Death by P.J. Parrish

I’m not so sure this shouldn’t be classified as scifi or fantasy. If Palm Beach is populated by such a crazed cast, they would fit right into a classic Star Trek adventure. Louis Kincaid is a former cop who now is a P.I. His friend Mel talks him into going to Palm Beach to help a friend who is in trouble. Much to his surprise Louis finds himself emotionally involved in a case he was initially skeptical of taking.

I’ve not read any of the sisters Parrish books before but I have to say their story is much like fine needlepoint, a seamless picture produced by hundreds of tiny stitches. The plot was involved but not in an artificial manner. The characterizations were masterful. They built a despicable picture of the rich, cruel and bored. I’m fond of mysteries than force me to ponder who really is guilty. In this case the guilty parties were so numerous and mostly not guilty of chargeable offenses that pondering was maximized.

I recommend the book.

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