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Monday, May 3, 2010

7th Heaven by James Patterson

I enjoy the Women’s Murder Club. I don’t know if the TV show was canceled or just lost in the shuffle but I enjoyed it as well. A young, rich scion disappears and is presumed dead. Boxer gets a lead which she tracks down with her new partner Conklin. Joe, the Fed, is now living with Boxer who is still unable to make a permanent commitment. In the midst of the search for the missing young man, a series of brutal, arson murders intrudes.

Typical of Patterson is the number of intriguing sub plots. The brevity of the chapters allows the numerous subplots to work. I enjoy the women of the Murder Club. They have each other’s backs. I have seen this characteristic quite frequently in women I know. They are extraordinarily supportive of each other, particularly in times of crisis. Sadly once the days of athletic teams are over, I haven’t seen the same level of camaraderie in the men I know. But as this is a book review rather than a psych eval, I shall move along. There is plenty of action, some solid head scratching to try and determine who the bad guys really are and plenty of human interaction. I enjoyed the book. However if you are planning on reading it at the beach, you may want to take two since you will breeze through it in no time at all.

I recommend the book.

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