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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Executive Intent by Dale Brown

I’ve missed a couple of Dale Brown’s thrillers. This takes place a few years after Tin Man. An insipid president is faced with multiple international incidents and reacts with timidity. An assertive vice-president deals with the crisis with the help of retired General Patrick McLanahan.

Dale Brown keeps one foot in the present and his head and the other foot in the near future. He projects current events into the near future with often painful clarity. His stories are always loaded with action and techno-wizardry. My only criticism of this book is that recent history is referred to but not explained. If you have missed a couple of books (which I have done) you are not quite sure why some things are happening. The same thing is true with his characterizations. If you weren’t familiar with the major players you would feel left out. I think a little back story work would have improved the readability. With that said, I still enjoyed the book. It moves fast and leaves you hanging, wanting more.

I recommend the book .

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