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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whiplash by Catherine Coulter

Coulter is at her best in this book. A complicated, convoluted plot with intense action and lots of mystery characterize the story. New characters provide fresh input even though Savich and Sherlock have personality to spare. Conscience free drug companies and political intrigue round out this captivating story.

Coulter writes a good mystery and keeps one captivated and entertained through out the story. Dillon Savich and his wife Lacey Sherlock are once again in the thick of things. Coulter appears to use them as the glue to tie her books together. Erin and Bowie could carry the story line in a stand alone, separate novel. Savich and Sherlock’s interaction with each other and Erin and Bowie is fun to read. Perhaps more than many of Coulter’s book which often are not intended to exercise your intellect or provide you with insights into your life, this book forces you to contemplate the ethics of the corporate world. There are murders, assaults, psychotics, psychic powers, fires, bombs, shootings, history and love stories in this book. In other words, there is something for everyone. I have enjoyed other Coulter books and I enjoyed this one.

I highly recommend it.

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