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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stash by David Klein

This a sobering look at how insipid decision making can change your life. A woman’s indecisive behavior leads her into both legal and marital discord.

I found this book rather sobering with no pun intended. It seemed entirely too realistic. It is easy to see how a nostalgic longing for past excitement and a reaffirmation of sexual identity could lead to bad decisions. The scary part was that bad decisions don’t need to be grotesquely bad but can mount incrementally to horrendous conclusions.
I admired Brian’s spousal loyalty as I deplored his, all to common, work above all attitude. The book aptly illustrated the hard charging, must get ahead at all costs attitude of a surprising number of the 30 something generation. I found Gwen’s lackadaisical attitude regarding personal responsibility and her over the top remorse for her thoughtless behavior a bit confusing but believable. People often continue bad behavior or flat out stupidity in spite of negative consequences, this is the hallmark of Gwen’s behavior. The ironic aspects of Jude’s role were well portrayed without being overly obvious.

I highly recommend the book.

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