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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Thyssen Affair by Mozelle Richardson

This book was highly reminiscent of the wealth of spy vs. spy stories that abounded during the Cold War. An ex-OSS operative is pulled out of retirement by his deceased son’s best friend. The interplay between the KGB, CIA, Nazis and the Mossad provide the grist for this mill.

Canyon Eliot was highly entertaining as the multi-talented, loveable and ruthless retiree returning to the fray. It may be a reflection of my own age but it was satisfying to have an older protagonist kicking butt. The Cold War setting may be hard to swallow for the younger readers. It seems like purely speculative fiction unless you are an age to have experienced the stresses of the Cold War. Anya was well portrayed as a woman who strove to succeed in a career predominantly peopled by males with testosterone issues.

I thought the story idea was good and the plot well thought out. I did feel that the ending was a bit abrupt. I think another 20 or 30 pages would have enabled a more “meaty” conclusion. Overall I really enjoyed the book.

I recommend the book.

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