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Friday, October 8, 2010

Starstrike, Task Force Mars by Kevin Dockery and Douglas Niles

Starstrike is a military shoot-em-up. Regardless of the time frame and setting, it still is a somewhat simplistic and far fetched saga of a group of SEALS. The new SEALS as opposed to the original Navy Seals are space faring commandos. On their first off world training mission they encounter hostile aliens and requite themselves in the tradition of the real Navy Seals. In other words, they kick some alien butt.

Although none of the characters are memorable as individuals as a group they prove themselves ferocious warriors. The arrogant aliens grossly outnumber, out gun the SEALS. The alien technology is superiour. In spite of this the SEALS show the Aliens that we may be backward technologically but our spirit and ferocity are not to be underestimated. The story is a very entertaining, small unit combat novel.

I recommend the book.

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