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Monday, January 17, 2011

So Cold the River by Michael Koryta

A down and out want-to-be Stephen Spielburg find himself immersed in water, deceit and confusion. A trip to a famous resort for a simple project lands him in the most danger fraught period of his life.

Eric Shaw is a man with an enormous ego that has been shattered by failure. His self loathing promotes his driving of those who love him to despair. Koryta truly paints a man who conspires to destroy himself. The characterization is poignant and colorful. Small towns with secrets are a frequent topic of scary novels. This isn’t scary like a slasher film but more thought provoking scary.

The books is primarily an exploration of Eric’s personal redemption but ancillary characters such as his wife, Claire and Kellen Cage are also well done. I particularly enjoyed the quirky Anne McKinney looking to the sky for personal redemption.

Josiah Campbell was almost a stereotypical red neck haunted by a desire to be someone and no ambition to get there. This book was overflowing with memorable characters that added both their own nobility and despicable behavior.

I highly recommend the book.

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