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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sons and Princes by James LePore

This is a swan dive into the cesspool of organized crime, a journey of re-invention of a decent human being caught in the currents of violence, revenge and even honor.

LePore writes a captivating story nearly impossible to put down.   His characters are both memorable and frightening.   Each one of us may carry the seed of violence that can blossom into the fruit of death.   The trigger for response is as uniquely individual as a finger print.   Chris Massi finds within himself family ties he didn’t know existed.   LePore masterfully depicts a conflicted soul driven to acts of desperation for the noblest of virtues.  

There are some scenes so clearly depicted that you feel the need to whip out the hand sanitizer before you turn another page.   Equally honor and courage show up in surprising places.   A disbarred lawyer, Chris must make decisions that will impact both his life and his soul.   LePore does an amazing job at portraying the struggles of a man to master the cascade of torment heaped upon his head.  The depiction of the mob and it’s members was colorful and depressing.   One has to wonder how far you personally would go to save family, friends and self respect.   This is an outstanding book, destined to be a classic.

I highly recommend the book.

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