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Friday, May 13, 2011

Journals of the Big Mouth Bass by Debbie Sue Bass Williamson

I gave this book to Rachel, a 10 year old, a 5th grade friend of mine who was kind enough to read and review it from the target market perspective.   The blue highlights are my additions or corrections.  

In her exact words:  This book is about nine years old Debbie Bass, who thought most of her presents were stupid or lame.   She had a hard time keeping secrets so she wrote entries in the journal.   She gets the nickname big mouth bass from her brother.  (Who tries to be really girly but just can’t do it. ) (She is referring to Debbie here.)

I liked this book because it’s a ture, funny and heart warming story.   In the story she tries (attempts) to feed her dog whatever she does not like, set the C on fire and become more girly.   But they all backfire. 

I did not have complaints. (about the book)

I think 3rd -5th graders. (would like the book.)

It is interesting that although Debbie’s journal entries are addressed to God, that point was not even commented on by Rachel.   It didn’t seem strange to her.   I was struck by the author’s reaction to President Kennedy’s assassination.    I suspect that most of us who were alive that day have an equally clear and vivid memory or where we were and how we heard.   That part struck me but again, it didn’t seem to mean as much to someone in the target age group as it is, to them, ancient history.   I found this to be a very touching book.  

I recommend the book too.  

I recommend the book.

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sarahbovee said...

Dear Rachel, I would like to thank you for your thoughts on my book. I am very grateful and very glad you enjoyed it. I am open to questions if you have any. Thank you to Pick of the Litter for the review, it means so much!

My heart!
Debbie Williamson

ibpurpledragon said...

Your comment has been forwarded to Rachel. Thanks, she is a wonderful kid that I am delighted to know. She is the inspiration for an upcoming book entitled Short or Tall Doesn't Matter At All which address bullying and vertically challenged kids.

dwilli said...

It sounds like a wondeful read... Keep us posted when it comes out, I would like to read it.


ibpurpledragon said...

Debbie, I ran into Rachel's Mom at the bus stop. She told me Rachel was just knocked over that the author of the book had responded to her review. She told me it made Rachel's day! Isn't it wonderful how something as simple as words can make someone's day. Thank you.

dwilli said...

Yes I agree, words are a gift that we share when we use them in kindness and love. Please tell Rachel she made my day as well... I would like to send her an autographed copy of Big Mouth if I may? Please advise.