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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Killer Sweet Tooth by Gayle Trent

This is a food oriented mystery in the fashionable “cozy” mystery genre. The protagonist finds herself embroiled in cake batter, Elvis impersonators and murder.

This book was a fun read. Much like cotton candy, it was tasty and certainly not filling. This was a mystery for those who want mystery without graphic and gratuitous violence. The protagonist, Daphne Martin, is a woman getting back on her feet from a disastrous and abusive marriage. She is an accomplished baker and returns to her home town to recover and start over. This quest is interrupted by dead bodies. Reference to previous bodies in other stories is alluded to but never fleshed out.

Daphne is likeable as are her zany friends. The thrust of the plot is Daphne and her friend Myra trying to prove they had nothing to do with the murder of a philandering dentist.

This is beach reading in a low stress, un-taxing form.

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