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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Seventh Angel by Jeff Edwards

Wow, I know I am repeating myself but Jeff Edwards is going to be a major force to reckon with in the genre of military fiction. I have always been fond of the down to the sea in ships war stories. This time, Mr. Edwards crafts a plausible story of a runaway Russian province that has control of some nuclear weapons and threatens the world.

The tension of this book was practically palatable. The story moves quickly but still manages to craft detailed characters not all of whom you will like. The Tower, a stealth destroyer, is back and still commanded by Captain Bowie. Ann Roark a cybernetic genius is the cynical counter point to Bowie’s unbridled patriotic responsibility.

A sad note, which rang true, is Bowie’s nightmare over the lives lost under his command in the first book, Sea of Shadows. I am fortunate to have never been in that position as the author so clearly portrays the angst and pain of those who are responsible for the lives of others. I felt that pain painted the reality of command responsibility powerfully poignant.

I also like the way Edwards tells many short stories and ties them all back to the body of the plot. He gives each facet a turn in the spotlight and integrates all of those scenarios in a heart pounding, anxiety producing, hate to put down thriller.

I mentioned in my last review of Sea of Shadows that I really enjoyed Edward’s science fiction novel Dome City Blues and I am delighted to see he brought that expertise to the military fiction arena as well.

I highly recommend this book!

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