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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kill Shot by Vince Flynn

If you enjoy action adventure, don’t walk, run to your computer and order some Vince Flynn.   This is a time warp on Mitch Rapp, Flynn’s American Assassin.  We get to see some of what has transpired to turn Mitch into the killing machine featured in this jaw dropping series. 

If you talk action adventure at a cocktail party, in a matter of seconds someone will ask if you have read any Vince Flynn.   I have only missed 2 of his 13 books in this series and I intend to read the two I have missed.   Mitch Rapp is one of those characters that you want to emulate.  Passionate about what he does and about his country but emotionless when conducting “business”, Rapp is the consummate hero.  

Flynn has given Rapp an Old Testament philosophy in regards to justice.  If a terrorist attacks our country, then said terrorist is fair game for just retribution.   That philosophy seems so appropriate for the age in which we live.  

There is non-stop action in this thriller that primarily occurs in France but draws in the heavy weights from the CIA, MI6 and wallows in treachery, deceit and betrayal.

I highly recommend this book and all the other Flynn books I have read.

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