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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Destined To Play by Indigo Bloome

It is inevitable that this book will be compared to Fifty Shades of Grey.  It abounds with salacious behavior and submission of will.   It is a novel designed to titillate and is successful in it’s design.  There will be a wealth of “heaving bosoms” that will devour this book.

I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey and I don’t plan on reading it.   No particular reason but it falls into a genre I don’t normally read.   This book was an interesting read and if this is what women normally read it is a wonder there are not more rampant assaults on the shirtless men who are normally on the covers.   Cotton candy came to mind while reading this book.  It strives to have substance but fails to deliver.   However since I like cotton candy, I did enjoy the book.  

As an author my best selling book is  Mommy’s Black Eye which deals with domestic violence.  I have mixed emotions about that because I am delighted it is selling so well and dismayed that it is addressing an obvious need.   My biggest dismay with this book is the theme of dominance.   The supposition that women as a gender have a hidden desire to be dominated offends me.  My education and experience as a counselor provided me with too many instances where subservient behavior led to abuse.   Perhaps I have been fortunate to have my primary female relationships be with strong women but I find it hard to believe that any woman, unless she is categorized as disturbed, would willingly submit to being dominated in the manner described in this book.

I can accept that there are women who would willingly participate in the interesting actions in the book but by choice not by coercion.   Suggesting that sexual submission is the key to curing depression literally elicited a major guffaw due to the ludicrous nature of that proposal.  

I take issue with many of the premises of the book but I strongly suspect that the appetite for acceptable sexual entertainment will engender profitable sales.

I can’t say I recommend the book but it was interesting. 

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