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Friday, October 12, 2012

A.J. Scudiere’s Phoenix Review & GiveAway

 REVIEW & GiveAway

Phoenix by  A.J. Scudiere

Jason Mondy is a firefighter with a troubled past.   Current events conspire to complicate his personal and work life.   This is a good mystery and a great description of the life of a firefighter.

Jason is a man of few words, deep thoughts and many personal regrets.   His inability to express his feelings leads to a less than satisfactory personal life.   As a firefighter, Jason’s life seems to be on an even keel until his personal past intrudes into his professional life.  

Jason’s heroic actions bring him to the attention of a local reporter, Clark Jerigan, whose tenacious reporting complicates both his own life and Jason’s life, far beyond what either ever expected.  

This is a murder mystery, a fireman’s tale and a tale of family and acceptance wrapped in the costume of a thriller.   This is the fourth Scudiere book I have reviewed and may be the one I liked best.

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