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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Extreme Measures by Vince Flynn

Once again get ready to sit on the edge of your chair as Mitch Rapp tackles some home grown adversaries.   The terrorist theme is explored again with the addition of political infighting.
This book poses the question of whether our long held philosophies of justice are applicable to the world of the jihadist.   In addition to providing an excellent action adventure thriller, Vince Flynn makes you (gasp) think!

Former wars where the participants, at least, paid lip service to the Geneva Conventions allowed the participants some semblance of honor.   Today’s war on terror stretches the abilities of those fighting it to their limits.

Flynn explores rationales on both sides of the legal rights of both citizens and non-citizens.  The contrast and comparison provide some of the action.  

Once again, Mitch Rapp wields the mighty sword of retribution!

I highly recommend this book and all the other Flynn books I have read.

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