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Monday, November 5, 2012

Respect the Jux by Frank C. Matthews

This is the story of a Jamaican criminal.  It purports to describe the events that led to him becoming a criminal and a killer.

This book seems to glorify strong arm theft and murder.    Cat learns to kill in Jamaica and brings those skills to New York.   After working a legitimate job and feeling there is no significant income to be had by legitimate work for a man of color he returns to his criminal past.   He then makes the decision that he doesn’t have the stomach to kill and decides to set up, in essence, a franchise.   He shows other criminals how to commit a Jux (a crime) and takes a cut of their profits. 

This book details his actions in New York and Florida.  The book also details his relationship with his cronies. 

The sex and violence preclude this book from the younger reader.    I found this book difficult to read both due to the subject matter and the seeming glorification of taking rather than working for rewards.   The concept that they were only or mostly stealing from bad people was supposed to justify their behavior.  

I didn’t like the book.

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