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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Targets of Deception by Jeffrey S. Stephens

Jordon Sandor formerly of the CIA (see Target of Opportunity) finds himself facing a rogue agent who has gone to the dark side.   Traiman, once a mentor, is now a deadly enemy working closely with Islamic terrorists.

Sandor, covered by either Teflon or Kevlar, seems to avoid personal mayhem at all turns.   Seems like everyone wants a shot at Sandor and his sarcastic witticism earn him few friends.

I didn’t find Sandor as likeable in this book but that may be due to his cynicism level being through the roof.   He loses a lot of colleagues in his travels. 

I felt there was a little more philosophic bent to this book than the last.  Patriotism is contrasted against the profit motive and self interest.  Stephens clearly points out the need to look at the benefits for all as opposed to self interest.  This in no way detracts from the action.

I recommend it.

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