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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Not Authorized by Whit Gentry


We met him in the first Whit Gentry book.  Jake is more of a bit player in this book.  Women are being abducted and Jake finds himself drawn into the seedy human trafficking trade.

Whit paints some pretty despicable villains.   His hero’s are also questionable folks.   Whit writes a story that portrays a current version of rough western justice.  

Old Testament justice is central to the theme of the book.   The bad guys discover that without the rule of law they are susceptible to the same type of violence that they so glibly dish out. 

Two private contractors, ex-military, are the Warriors in a very black op that until you read the book is information that is NOT Authorized!

Whit Gentry is crafting a niche with his gritty fiction.  The nature of his characters reflect the real emotions that normal people would have when faced with horrendous circumstances.   Most people would not have the courage or fortitude to purse the course taken by Jake and Bill Toliver.     

Once again Whit Gentry has evoked emotion with his story telling.  He, again, has made a masterful display of creative ambivalence that characterizes the plot.   Intellectually I find much the protagonists did very wrong but emotionally I can see the needful justification for the greater good. 

I look forward to reading more from Whit Gentry.

I highly recommend the book.

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