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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Human Disguise by James O’Neal

 This is a cop book set in a near, possible future.  Tom Wilner is a cop trying to maintain order in a dystopian future south Florida.   He is ex-military facing bio-engineered diseases and possible aliens.   His priorities change dramatically when his family is threatened.

The near future aspect is frightening due to it’s possible probability based on current events.   Syria’s domination of the current international news scene makes this story even more frightening. 

There is a not so subtler finger pointed at human greed and prejudice.   There author draws parallels and I think is trying to prod the reader into pondering the behavior of our society.  

Wilner is an example of the best of us.  His passion, tenacity and foibles make him a believable character.   The Simolits and the Hallecks demonstrate the differing directions that evolving species can choose.

The book stands well alone but most definitely sets up sequels.   The approaching alien space ship may move the series from a near future cop story to a more main stream scifi. 

I recommend the book. 


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