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Monday, February 10, 2014

Spirit Gate by Kate Elliott

Flying eagles instead of dragons, the Reeves are expected to keep an eye on the Hundred.   The Guardians who were judge and executioner have disappeared leaving the Reeves to handle it all.   Tumult is spreading across the Hundred and the Reeves and their eagles appear to be helpless to stop it.

Joss struggles with the death of his lover and wears his guilt by self abuse.   He is unable to forgive himself.   Captain Anji and his Qin find themselves forced into exile by the death of the Emperor.  The exile takes them to the Hundreds where there skill in arms is deeply needed.

This is a good take on governmental intrigue, personal greed and courageous individuals trying to stem the flow of evil.

The characters are flawed but that makes them more believable.   It is a good first book in the Crossroads trilogy.     There is action and intrigue for all. 

I recommend the book. 

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