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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Killing the Blues by Michael Brandman

This book is a continuation of Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone novels.   Brandman, a friend of Parkers, was given permission by Parker's widow and encouraged by Parker's publisher to continue the series.   The main story is a dark episode from the past haunts Jesse Stone and an up and coming mobster is threatening Paradise.

Brandman did a very good job emulating the repartee one expected from a Parker novel.   The give and take between Spencer and Hawk were the defining aspects of my personal enjoyment of Parker's work.  Brandman recreated that with the relationship between Healy and Stone.  

The plot was a traditional Parker plot with the requisite twists and dipping to the dark side that I enjoyed in the late Parker's books. 

I commend Michael Brandman for doing such a good job in resurrecting Jesse Stone and I hope he will continue the franchise.   Do NOT overlook the fact that this book was NOT written by Robert B. Parker, more as an homage to Parker.   In some ways Parker lite but still better than having the Jesse Stone character die.

web site:  Brandman, not his website since I didn't find one but a good interview with him. 

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