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Saturday, March 22, 2014

House of Jaguar by Mike Bond

This book was captivating but strange.   I'm not sure if it is an action novel or a treatise on the effects of war causing character deprivation.  Regardless of that it is certainly critical of our government's clandestine efforts at shoring up governments in the war on drugs. 

Joe Murphy is a veteran whose flying skills were honed in Vietnam.  He carries the scars of his tours on his body and in his mind.  Making a good living as a drug carrying pilot he is betrayed in Guatemala.  His betrayal ends with his friend dead and Murph fleeing while wounded.   A miraculous trip through implacable jungle leads Murph to Dona, the new love of his life.   Dona's calling is saving the peasants of Guatemala from their corrupt government and the orchestrations of the CIA. 

There is a lot of soul searching and somewhat confusing introspection in the book.   The main villain is the CIA liaison to the Guatemalan death squads.  He is a stark raving mad, true psychopath.   Lyman believes the world is out to get him and he feels he is a far better man than any he has ever met.  His self centered, poor me violent persona is absolutely dreadful.   They guy is a walking nightmare.

There is plenty of action and violence.   The implications of the story and the premise are truly sad.   What our government has done in the name of democracy and or the war on drugs defies imagination although Bond has certainly used his in this book.  I can't say I enjoyed the book but it certainly kept my interest.

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