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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Chase by Janet Evanovich an Lee Goldberg

This is part of a series, The Fox and O'Hare Novels.  Fox is a master thief and O'Hare is a snake eater turned FBI agent.  The two are paired together as a secret FBI strike team out to catch those either too elusive or too well connected to be apprehended by normal means.   A former Presidential aid is the main target in this book.

Fox and O'Hare have the stereotypical love hate relationship with the requisite sexual tension found on many current TV shows.   Goldberg's roots as a screen writer are clear in both the plot and the characterizations.  One tends to think of the TV show White Collar. 

The book is a good mystery but it is a very fast read.  It is not mentally taxing or earth shattering, a good low key beach book.   I do enjoy O'Hare's father and his cronies, they bring a touch of humor to the story.   Black Rhino is modeled after Black Water which was featured in so many news stories.  Black Rhino is portrayed as a merciless mercenary group led by the main target of O'Hare and Fox.

A fun, non-taxing, relaxing read. 

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