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Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Wanted Man by Lee Child

Reacher faces a mix of domestic and foreign terrorists leaved with domestic interagency incompetence and intrigue.   Once again when Reacher’s sense of justice is more focused on taking care of those who he has accepted rather than ideological issues, regardless or reason once violated, mayhem ensues.

Once again when Reacher is hitchhiking situations develop rapidly.   The interagency rivalry strikes a realistic chord.   One despairs over such bureaucratic nonsense when security is involved.  

The end game takes place in a truly interesting place.  A cursory search of the Web found a website worth checking out.  It isn't necessarily a spoiler but keep in mind it plays an integral part in the story's conclusion.   Amazon will strip the link so if you want to follow it go to my blog Pick of the Literate and check it out in the same un-stripped version of the review.

Reacher's blunt response to threat or threats to those he cares about is, again, clearly demonstrated.

This plot seemed more complex than many of the Reacher books.   Once again I enjoyed the book and I recommend the book.

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