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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Odd Squad by Michael Fry

First I am overcome with jealousy that Fry can illustrate his own books.   I am functionally impaired when it comes to illustrations.   I illustrated my book I Like to Whine.  The time it took was beyond belief as I had to draw the darn critters over and over until I was at least moderately satisfied   I look at Fry's characters and am practically incensed!  Ok, not incensed, just horribly envious.  Now that is off my chest.  

This is a cute book about a band of hapless kids who just want to belong.   Belong to what, you may ask, just to belong, to feel that they have a group, someone who has their back.  

The story is cute but the relationships and the feelings they represent are the meat to the broth.   Having spent time in education and as a guidance counselor, I saw so many kids who felt alone, lost and depressingly unique.   Depressingly unique because they felt they were a group of one, with no others like them and feeling unwanted.   Kids, or all of us, have a need for acceptance and regard.   Fry did a nice job showing kids and their feelings.

I recommend it.
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