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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Soulminder by Timothy Zahn

Adrian Sommer had a life changing event on the death of his child.   He dedicated the rest of his life to the memory of his son.   The result was Soulminder that protected the souls of the deceased.

This book rattles a lot of cages.  The premise of souls leads to religious overtones.  The capture of the soul, leads to satanic concerns.   The uses that such a  device can be angelic to demonic.   Much of the book deals with the issues that such a machine could create.   I was reminded of late night philosophic discussions, often fueled by alcohol, while in college. 

Zahn put together a very good book that provides a wealth of thought provoking topics.   This book could keep an avid book club busy for months.

I recommend it.    

I'm always shocked when I find an author without a website, particularly a scifi author, however I could not find one for Zahn.

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