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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Goodbye Dad, A Military Funeral Picture Book by William G. Bentrim

Funerals are part of life.   As adults we have a basic understanding of what occurs when there is a funeral.   Children do not have that luxury.   This book tries to explain what a funeral is and what happens at a funeral.   It is non-denominational and does not deal with the grief that normally accompanies a funeral.   This book just tries to explain the basic aspects of a funeral from the perspective of a ten year old boy who just lost his father. 

5.0 out of 5 stars Heaven-Sent for a Child.... July 23, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
Once again this extremely talented author has excelled. W.G. Bentrim takes a very daunting subject and presents it superbly. Children and death. What can be said and how to say it? Minefield to most. Not to one writer. Unsure as to what I would think after reading Goodbye Dad. A Military Funeral, I hedged my bets. Would I agree with the approach? Would it be appropriate? At the end I felt a complete sense of comfort and one that will remain. This profound children's story will touch you as it will any child, because it is truly written from the heart. I absorbed every line and have to say that there are incredible words that talk to a child with ease and any adult will quickly embrace the concept. (A reflection of grief in everyone of us). The illustrations are fabulous providing the perfect setting for a very sad tale. Randy is upset and terrified at the loss of his father who has died while serving his country. He wants to understand, but doesn't know how to. That is until he visits the funeral home and meets the funeral directors son. I will say no more, to know the rest click and buy. There will be no regrets afterwards only comforting rewards.

Five Stars  A wonderful book for the grieving young...., July 22, 2014
By Janet hooker

This review is from: Goodbye Dad: The Funeral: Funerals Explained To Kids (Kindle Edition) A great book for young people who have recently experienced a death of a family member. An easy to read and understand story of a young boy and his inability to understand the concept of planning a funeral, dealing with grief, and his feeling that he must be the 'man of the house' for his mother.
An honest and kind look at funeral directors and what they do to help families.
Goodbye Dad - A Military Funeral is 5 Star too!

Five Stars Great explanation!, July 22, 2014
By Darcy Freed

Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Goodbye Dad: The Funeral: Funerals Explained To Kids (Kindle Edition)
This is short, sweet and to the point so as not to lose the children's interest!! I will buy the hard copy to have on hand to give when such circumstances arise. Thank you, Wally and Janet for letting us know about this and for all you do for our loved ones!!

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