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Friday, March 6, 2015

Hurricane Season by Chip Bell

Hurricane Season by Chip Bell

Jake Sullivan is an attorney who appears to revel in hot water.   This is the second of the Jake Sullivan Trilogy.  It is a action adventure primarily  set in Miami, Florida.

Jake is riding the crest of his wave of success, reveling in his new found confidence and lack of alcohol.   His reconciliation is advancing  with his family and he  is a "friend" of the President.   His  nemisis, Benjamin Mathews is safely behind bars.  

Jake is tapped to facilitate the reconciliation between two estranged nations.  This is not something he wants but finds himself heading the reconciliation program.  

It wouldn't be an action adventure if all things proceeded well.  The story introduces Navy Seals,  all of the  U.S. intelligence agencies and a surprising villain. 

Bell does a better job in showing the action and thought in this second book.  It was enjoyable.

I recommend.  


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