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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spotlight on: Anissa's Redemption by Zack Love

Spotlight on:
Anissa's Redemption
Zack Love

This is Zack Love's excellent follow up to his book, 
This is a unique combination of romance, political intrigue and current events!


Maria warned Jamila that Osama would try to rape and convert her, but if she showed resistance, Osama would just hit her. She told Jamila not to be afraid and that they would find a way to free themselves, explaining that Osama and his guard always left after sunset to go to the mosque, and sometimes Osama came back alone. Luckily, the Alawite girl still had her cell phone on her and her older cousin was close with a Sunni friend who could help, which emboldened Maria to pursue an escape plan. The bedroom window had a slight view of the area where Osama’s car was parked, so my sister knew roughly when they were away for about two hours. The next time Osama and his guard had left, Maria broke her plate on the floor, and tossed one of the sharp, blade-like shards across the floor to Jamila, and kept another one for herself. They each used it to cut through the rope that was tying them to a different bedpost. But because the rope was relatively thick, it would take them several hours to cut through it, so they didn’t have enough time to attempt an escape the same night that they began trying to sever the rope. They also needed Osama to unlock the bedroom door, which couldn’t be unlocked from inside the bedroom, so they had to plan their escape for a night when he came back from the mosque alone.

The night when the two captives began sawing away at the cords restraining them, Osama came back with his guard. A few hours later, he tried for the second time to rape Jamila, but she again resisted and was beaten. Luckily, Osama didn’t notice that the rope connecting her ankle to the bedpost was nearly torn through.

The next night, soon after Osama and his guard left to pray, Maria and Jamila nearly freed themselves but the plan was to leave their binds still slightly intact to avoid arousing suspicion, in the event that Osama came back with the guard and they would have to wait for another night when he came back alone. Fortunately, Osama returned from the mosque by himself that night. Maria called him into the bedroom (effectively unlocking the door with his arrival). When Osama entered the room, Maria told him that she didn’t want him to abuse Jamila anymore and would willingly give herself to him, if he would spare her. My sister was supine on the bed mattress, near the bedpost to which her ankle was tied, with her legs spread somewhat invitingly. There were no sheets or pillows that could facilitate her plan, so she hid the ceramic plate shard just behind the mattress, on the bedframe, leaning against the nearby wall.

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