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Friday, May 29, 2015

Battle Bugs: The Lizard War by Jack Patton

 This is an account of a war between bugs and lizards from the point of view of an eight or nine year boy.

Max loves bugs.  Like many boys of eight or nine, he finds pleasure in things that offend parents or siblings.   In Max's case, his mom is supportive of his love of bugs.   Working in an auction house, Max's mom often brings Max things that haven't sold.   One of the things ends up transporting him to Bug Island.

On Bug Island Max is befriended by the bugs whose very existence is being threatened by an invasion of lizards.   The book demonstrates acceptance of difference in the variety of bugs Max encounters.  It also shows courage in the face of adversity.   The book is a low intensity adventure that doesn't appear to have any aspects that would offend a parent.  It also appears to be the start of a series.  It is a Scholastic paperback which indicates it will be a success due to its backing by Scholastic and their close ties with schools and book fairs.

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