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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dark Lady by Richard North Patterson

Legal thriller does not really describe this book.  There is anguished soul searching, perverse sex and brutal murders set in an economically challenged city.   

Stella Marz is an assistant prosecutor in the city of Steelton which was loosely based on Cleveland.   Stella spends a great deal  of time concerned about her past and what it has taken to get to  her current position.  Her boss is running for mayor and if successful she may have the opportunity  to be the chief prosecutor.   How much of her integrity and morality will have to be sacrificed for her to reach her goals?   That is the question that provides her searing soul searching throughout the book.  

Gritty inter-city crime and big city graft are the setting of the book.   The author seems to see that reaching any type of success in this type of environment necessitates an extremely flexible moral fiber.  

Soul searching trumps action  but there is action and some very touching emotional scenes. 

I highly recommend the book.

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