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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ten Shoes Up by Gary L. Stuart

This is the second cowboy story or Western I have read by Staurt.  The first was The Vallles Caldera.  I don't normally read Westerns.   I was a bit surprised that I liked it.  Angus Esparazza is the main character and a big chunk of the book is the exploration of his character.   This is the first book in the series and explains how Angus becomes an occasional lawman.

Angus is a thinking man in an action time environment.   He is forced to examine his personal morals when faced with questionable definitions of crime.  

The setting is, once again, a strong  point to the story.   You can picture the rushing mountain rivers and majestic peaks.   The plot is involved and you are forced to do a modicum of research to find out if that is really the way the old west was.   

I enjoyed it and recommend it.  BTW I didn't find a real Ten Shoes Up mountain with a very brief Internet search. 
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