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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Valles Caldera by Gary L. Stuart

This is a cowboy story or Western.   I don't normally read Westerns.   I was a bit surprised that I liked it.  Angus Esparazza is the main character and a big chunk of the book is the exploration of his character.   An occasional lawman, Angus intervenes in a situation where a woman  is being abused.   His intervention earns him the ire or a sociopathic rancher obsessed with Machismo.

Stuart does a nice job in setting the scene.  You can almost get pricked by a cactus or dowsed with river water due to the detailed nature of his prose.   He crafts a character who feels best when riding a river and talking to his horse.

The story is one of honor and revenge. 

I enjoyed it and recommend it.

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