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Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Death In Vienna by Daniel Silva

Another extraordinarily detailed action adventure this book takes place not long after  The Confessor.  It is a more detailed delving into the Holocaust. 

This review is sadly repetitious of the previous review of The Confessor.   The Kill Artist and The Heist and finally The Mark of the Assassin read way back in 2009  all illustrate the style of Silva as well as the character Gabriel Allon, an Israeli assassin.  This book holds true to the style and as the others keeps you on the knife edge of frustration in your inability to turn the pages fast enough to determine what the heck is going to happen next.  

Silva states in his afterward that Bishop Alois Hudal's action in helping many Nazis escape Europe was not sanctioned or encouraged by the Pope.  Apparently his involvement and the culpability of Argentina in accepting so many Nazis is accurately portrayed.   There is considerable similarity between this book and The Confessor.   The major difference is this is much more personal to Gabriel Allon.

The excitement and action are non-stop and as always just when you think you have it figured out, Silva tosses in a game changer.

I highly recommend.


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