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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Great Maternity Clothes Are Way Cheaper Than Therapy

If you have been reading my blog I am sure you have noted that I have decided feminist leanings. Note that does not in any way impinge my masculinity, I just happen to enjoy strong, self confident, successful women. Check my review of Elizabeth Moon’s work, great female protagonists.

Anyway, yesterday I attended a “Hooray, School is Out” block party hosted in my son’s circle. I was fortunate enough to be able to hold my youngest grandson for two hours while his older brother celebrated the end of school and his Mom caught up with neighbors. Some great conversations, I got a compliment on my book, “I Like to Whine” and we talked about books and book swapping. I put in a couple of plugs for my blogs. Of course, there were many young mothers with young kids there and it wasn’t surprising that there were a few conversations about pregnancy, who was and who was done.

Awhile back I wrote about some of the psychological impact that pregnancy creates. In fact, some of the best comments I have gotten were in regards to an understanding that self image is dramatically impacted by the body changes in being a mother. My title appears to be joking in regards to mental health and pregnancy. I don’t really feel it is a joke or at least not a very good one. Looking good while pregnant can have a major impact on feeling good. Motherhood is an astounding, amazing thing that too often my gender takes for granted. Positive reinforcement while pregnant truly can stave off the need for therapeutic intervention. When your pregnant sweetheart looks into the mirror she does not want to see her mother. She wants to see a sophisticated, stylish woman who just happens to be with child.

Kiki’s Fashion Maternity may have some of the most attractive maternity attire I have ever seen. I know, how much can I guy know about maternity fashion. I happen to be one of those guys who find impending motherhood attractive. No fetish, just overwhelming feelings of protection characterize my feelings about motherhood. I was grossly overprotective when my wife was pregnant and had to whack my self in the head a few times not to smother my daughter-in-laws when they were pregnant. BTW they did great and I have astounding grandchildren, but that may be just a touch prejudicial.

Kiki’s clothes are so darn cute you have to check them out yourself. In addition, Bloggers and Friends of Bloggers receive an exclusive 20% Off! Just use coupon code "blogfriends" during checkout to apply. Considering how much it costs to have a kid these days, that discount can help. I’m not saying there won’t be emotional distress some days during pregnancy, I’m just suggesting that if a woman looks in the mirror and is satisfied with how she looks, she is less susceptible to that distress. Good looking, stylish attire may help. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

I am impressed! I never thought that I would see maternity clothes on a man's blog. :)

JM @

ibpurpledragon said...

Hey, a manly man can write about anything, now if I am wearing them, I am in Big trouble. LOL
Thanks for the comment.