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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blog Blatantly Rips Off Content is ripping off original content and posting it on their site. If you are reading this on any site besides Pick of the Literate, it has been ripped off. This may be an astoundingly cheesy way to build traffic by outraging those of us who try to blog responsibly, who then go to see what content of theirs has been ripped off.

Go to if you want to support the actual person who wrote the content ibdragon.


Michael said...

I hope you can get this straightened out soon.

You may want to drop a note over at - she's the one who first twittered about this earlier today, and one of the other bloggers impacted also left a note there. Strength in numbers, hopefully.

Peter S. said...

Hi ibdragon! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am so dismayed too at that site. Shameless.

Michael said...

Hope you are making headway on reclaiming your content. Here's a good link that may offer you some help as well -

You're welcome for the head's up.


partners said...

Just to be clear, that website is NOT related to We have seen them before but we are a legitimate business located in Delray Beach, FL.