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Monday, July 20, 2009

WhooHoo An Award!

Michael over at A Few Minutes With Michael honored me with the Kreativ Blogger Award Sunday.

Being from an era where little league trophies were only awarded to the champions and not just all the participants, I love getting awards. Shallow as that may be, as resilient as my ego is (resilience sounds so much better than inflated) it is reassuring and affirming to receive recognition for something you enjoy doing.

The rule for this award is that if you accept it, you are supposed to list seven of your favorite things and nominate seven blogs that deserve this award.

The Big Seven (this week) In No Discernable Order

1. Brown’s Donuts, boardwalk OC, NJ as of Thursday July 16th.
2. Grandchildren 1-4 (only 4 so far) and their parents
3. Long suffering spouse who has stayed the course
4. Bright vibrant colors
5. Books, paper, hard back and e., scifi & fantasy especially
6. Classic rock (classic is not within the last 10 years)
7. Friendly, happy people

Here are the bloggers I am sending this award to, for their continuing contributions to the blogging community and who seem to be friendly, happy people:

1. Everything To Do With Books
2. Book Calendar
3. Stacy Deanne
4. Natalie’s Book Inn
5. Merry Weather
6. Beth’s Book Review Blog
7. BookVisions

Take a minute and visit these blogs, you won’t regret it!


Linda said...

Thank you for your nomination!

Book Calendar said...

Thank you I appreciate the award. It is a very nice thing to do. I intend to post it today on my blog.

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for the award.

Anonymous said...

Bill though I don't 'accept' awards anymore I do most definitely appreciate the spirit in which they are given-so thank you for that.And since I can't resist I will quickly list my 7 most favorite things.

Seeing my children smile. Seeing my husband smile. Falling asleep on the coach. Getting lost in a good book or movie. Watching my garden grow. Baptisms at church. And the power of hope.