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Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Darkness Formed in Fire by Chris Evans

An agrarian society dominated by an Empire’s forces seeks salvation in falling stars. An outcast elf leads the Iron Elves, a military unit in the Empire employ. The outcast elf’s experiences as the Iron Elves fight both rebel forces and the mysterious and sinister Shadow Monarch fuel the action in this book.

I enjoyed the way Evans built her characters. She provided plenty of insight to the character’s motivation. All of the necessary pieces were available for a down and dirty fantasy adventure. I particularly liked the interplay between dwarf and dweeb. Konowa’s esprit de corps and his deep sense of responsibility for his men was admirable. His soul searching introspection and brooding kept him from being a stereotyped hero. The plot had a wealth of intricacy as far as plot is concerned. The invocation of an all abiding oath by the Iron Elves tied Konowa’s fate to soul searing revenge. The Iron Elves have the potential to grow into a band of brothers similar to Glen Cooks’ infamous Black Company.

I enjoyed the book and have already started the sequel, “The Light of Burning Shadow”

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