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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Light of Burning Shadows by Chris Evans

I liked Chris Evans second book better than her first. She has created a real Rubik’s cube of plots within plots. More villains have been added and some minor characters have been promoted to major characters. The second Star of power is to be found in a desert dominated by the legend of an evil sorcerer. The Iron Elves are once more the sharp point of the human empires bayonet. Three witches ride into battle with villains who oppose each other, who try and destroy the Iron Elves and capture the Star of Power.

The coming of age of Alwyn was inevitable and eventually dismaying. Konowa’s role was not demoted but was of less consequence in this book. Evans again provides enough detail to flesh out her characters into believable protagonists. The interplay and camaraderie again is inspiring and entertaining. Fans of Stirling and Drake will enjoy the military intereaction. I noted in my review of Evans first book that I felt she has the potential to build a band of brothers similar to Glen Cook’s Black Company. It was gratifying that a review by the Library Journal quoted on the dust jacket of this book suggests the same thing. A cautionary note, Evans doesn’t hesitate to kill off characters that you may have invested with empathetically. I felt the increased intricacy of the plot line and some startling revelations added to my predisposition to enjoy the book.

I enjoyed the book and am waiting not very patiently for the next.

October 17th to October 18th 2011

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